O.C. Black History Parade & Cultural Fair

On Saturday, February 4th, volunteers from the TeenSpace department of the Santa Ana Main Public Library participated in the O.C. Black History Parade hosted this year in Downtown Anaheim. The parade is organized as a commemoration of African American heritage as well as a testimony to the multicultural diversity in Orange County. The event is sponsored by the Orange County Heritage Council and is widely supported by families, churches, schools, businesses, and local officials. This year TeenSpace volunteers were invited to march alongside the other participants in this parade of ethnic celebration.

Marching down Anaheim Boulevard, TeenSpace volunteers were seen lifting up posters featuring important figures of African American History, while chanting the phrase “We have a Dream.” Each volunteer yelled out their individual dream after which the group would answer “We have a dream.” The dreams that the volunteers shouted out to the crowd were both personal and unique. Some of these dreams ranged from the goal to “become a lawyer” to the desire to “fight for the helpless.” The library’s volunteers showed tremendous enthusiasm while marching and received applause from spectators, who at times participated in the chorus, shouting out their dreams alongside the volunteers.

At the end of the parade, marchers and spectators of all different ethnicities came together at a cultural fair where they were able to shop and enjoy a vast assortment of food and music. It was truly a day of celebration of the cultural diversity of Orange County.